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Mark Meyer (1976)

About me
I grew up in Japan where I lived until the age of 10 before moving to the UK permanently. I’ve lived in London since 1999 and I work in the vibrant independent sector of the music industry where I specialise in international marketing. In the not so distant past, I was very active in London’s nightlife scene and ran a club event which specialised in bringing some of the emerging DJ talent from all over Europe to the UK. With a wife and small child now, I’m not out at clubs all night so much, but I do spend quite a bit of time at live music gigs and festivals, mainly through my work.

I currently live and work in the southeast of the city and love discovering exciting spots to sample global cuisine – especially Asian food. I also enjoy cycling, both as a means of getting to work and to exploring the city.

Why London
I love London for its diversity, its people, the green spaces (especially in South London), and the music scene – few cities come close in terms of variety. Ditto for the food scene. Once you scratch the surface of the different neighbourhoods, there’s so much to learn. Humour and in particular sarcasm is something uniquely British which I really miss when abroad. I love the concept of the pub – there are so many different types of pub in London, each with a unique atmosphere and many varieties of beer to sample.

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