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Karolina Górska

About me
My first passion has always been travel. My second is talking about it.

I have lived in a few different countries around the world and I always try to save up enough money to go and visit some new and interesting spots. I moved to Malmö in 2016, partially thanks to a very good crime series called The Bridge.

I have worked in many different industries over the years, of course also including hospitality. And then I decided to go back to Uni.

To feed my passion, I created a website with short articles and pictures from all the places I have visited. And since September 2018 I have also been recording a travel podcast.

Why Malmö
Malmö charmed me from the very beginning. It’s not too big and not too small, as the Swedish would say: it’s “lagom” – just right.

You can ride a bike, walk around the Old Town, go for a run on the beach, listen to some live music around town, go for a football match or watch a hockey game at the Arena. “After Work” is now a thing in Sweden so there is no lack of Irish or English pubs. And if you really insist on going clubbing, well then there is Copenhagen right across the bridge.

Where else can you find me online?

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