Kockum Fritid Malmö

Image by Karolina Górska

Kockum Fritid – Cos you can’t ski in Skåne

When the winter comes, it’s normally not the best time of the year in the city of Malmö. We are too close to the sea to get any proper snowfall. And if it snows. it doesn’t stay long on the ground, or it turns to ice – cos it’s windy. So what selection of winter sports do we have? Skiing is out of the question, not just because of the obvious lack of snow but also because Malmö and the area around it are quite flat. You could do cross country, for that, however, you’d need to go to the countryside, have a car and the proper equipment. So what do you do???

The answer is easy: ice skating! And there is one place in Malmö where on the weekends you can skate till you drop, Kockum Fritid center. There is also a gym and a swimming pool, but that’s not as special as a proper big ice rink where you can chase your friends and see who falls down on their face first. We are not very good skaters, I should mention. And as I’m writing this on a Sunday morning in February, I am packing my skates ready to play TAG on ice.

Of course the ice-rink is only open for about six months. For the rest of the year this place also has a gym and a swimming pool if you don’t want a dip in the stormy seas outside.

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Västra Varvsgatan 8, Malmö

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Opening Times

Sat - Sun 11:10 - 14:30


Per person: SEK 45


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