Ön Swimming Malmö

Image by Karolina Górska

Ön Swimming – With a dash of adrenaline

As my fellow Spotter Joe has already written in his article (Ön – Nice walk and view of bridge), Ön is perfect for walks and amazing views. But there is one more thing Ön is good for, although mainly in the summer. There is a swimming spot that’s perfect for those sunny days. There is a sun deck where you can just sit or stretch on your towel to get some vitamin D or you can go for a swim. And you feel a bit like an adventurer because in order to get to the small ladder that gets you into the water you have to go over some large boulders.

But that is not the dash of adrenaline I was talking about, no. In order to get your blood flowing at double the speed, you gotta jump. From that sun deck. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not high – 3 or 4 meters maybe. What gets you the rush is the temperature. The low temperature. Even after the hottest months of the summer, the water in this spot will not really go above 15 degrees. And you know that it’s cold before you even jump. You already feel the thrill. And once you land all in and your head gets submerged, then your blood gets going.

I don’t do it very often, once each summer, just to prove to myself that I still have the guts, but some of my friends spend the whole time we are there just jumping. Perfect summer day!

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Båtbyggaregatan 210, Malmö

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24 hours daily


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