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About me
I’m an American-born communications professional who always dreamed about spending part of my career abroad, but also imagined it would be in a country where English was the native language! Then I met a charming Swedish scientist on a trip to London and less than two years later I arrived in Malmö as a “love immigrant.” Since then I’ve become a Swedish citizen, achieved fluency in the language (not an easy task in middle age!) and married the Swede who lured me over here in the first place (finally!). I’m passionate about having new experiences, travelling, being outdoors, using social media to connect people in positive ways, and mixing tall, icy gin & tonics.

Why Malmö
The warmth of the people (especially by Swedish standards) and the amazing mix of cultures that call Malmö home make it an infinitely interesting place to live. Located on the “Swedish Riviera”, it offers a wonderful combination of green and blue spaces to explore no matter what the season. And while it is Sweden’s 3rd largest city, I think it’s the ideal size in terms of providing both “big city” amenities and a hometown feel. Malmö has a very international vibe, owing partly to its proximity and direct connection to Copenhagen via the stunning Öresund Bridge. The growing food culture and start-up scene give it a very youthful energy that is so inviting. I’m proud to call Malmö my “Swedish hometown” and never miss an opportunity to show it off.

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