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Sharon from Malmö

I'm a "love immigrant" to Malmö! Put it on your Scandinavian visit list… you ...

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My first apartment after relocating to Malmö was within walking distance of Limhamn’s småbåtshamn (literal translation: “small boats harbour”), and consequently, I spent a lot of time there. Having grown up in the landlocked midwestern US, I was completely charmed by living so close to the sea and I still love the laid-back atmosphere of a marina.

Limhamns småbåtshamn is extremely scenic and a lovely place to walk nearly any time of day, but sunset is especially nice for the view of the Copenhagen skyline and the Öresund Bridge. The name ‘småbåtshamn’ is a bit deceiving though because this is actually the largest of a half-dozen or so Malmö marinas that accommodate privately owned boats and pleasure craft. It offers both boat wash and dry-dock services, and one of my favourite times to visit is in the spring when boats are being lifted back into the water by crane.

Limhamns småbåtshamn is also home to Malmö’s large and very active sailing club, which has its own sailing school offering courses for all ages, practically year-round. It’s especially fun to watch youngsters handle the small teaching boats in the sheltered pond that’s adjacent to the marina. At some point, I’m going to find the time to take a course myself!

Should you find yourself in the Småbåtshamn around lunch- or dinnertime, the Kajuteriet Restaurant & Beach Club offers fantastic views of the marina, but the hours vary by season so check the website if you’re really keen to eat there.

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Sharon from Malmö

Sharon Bowker photo

I'm a "love immigrant" to Malmö! Put it on your Scandinavian visit list… you ...

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