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Johan from Malmö

I'm a freelance performer, and Malmö is truly the most open place I've ever liv...

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I can safely say that my visit to the “Disgusting Food Museum” here in Malmö was the most interesting, awesome and horrifying experience in a long time, I’m SO doing it again!

I think we can all agree that no matter how much something disgusts us there’s also something interesting and intriguing about feeling disgusted. It’s fascinating, evokes curiosity and we can sometimes feel almost compelled to smell or eat something particularly disgusting.

Imagine an exhibition with 80 different foods from all over the world with one thing in common – one way or another, they’re all disgusting! They’re smelly, have a very – let’s say acquired taste, look revolting, involve ingredients and/or processes considered more or less gross/disturbing and/or make you want to puke. To qualify for being displayed the food has to possess one or more of the listed “traits” in combination with being considered a completely normal sustenance at least locally somewhere in the world.

Smell, taste and learn processes of creating, and traditions around, some of the weirdest, most unusual, sickening, smelliest, local, fascinating and most disgusting foods in existence! You might actually discover that something you think is delicious and completeley normal is considered inedible and absolutely vile by a vast majority of the world’s population.

Eternalize your face of disgust, leave a note on the “Wall of Disgust”, smell, taste and be horrified, you won’t regret it! – On second thought, if you become part of the “vomiting statistics” you might regret it – just a little! 😉

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Johan from Malmö

Johan Kullberg photo

I'm a freelance performer, and Malmö is truly the most open place I've ever liv...

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