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Mariana Gonzalez Nuñez

About me
My biggest passion is traveling; for this reason, I am a travel designer and consultant. I enjoy meeting new people and different cultures and offer them my best recommendations around the world. I have lived in 3 different countries apart from Mexico and traveled all over. Still, my favorite place of all is Mexico.

Why Mexico City
* I feel like Mexico City has a strong sense of tradition and culture and makes you feel like you belong, e.g. during the day of the dead.
* It’s a great place to start a road trip through Mexico; it is well connected with the rest of the country.
* The food culture is impressive. There are so many options just for Mexican food. Imagine all the options from the rest of the world’s cuisines. It definitely has become a foodie destination.
* Each mural you see on the street tells a story.
* The endless museums and art galleries everywhere!
* The amazing angles for photography.
* The fact you can find places in the city where you can feel like you are in a small town hours away from the bustling city, like in Coyoacán.

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