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Matteo Banchi (1992)

About me
I’m an Italian guy born in Milan. Easy going character, open minded, with a lot of enthusiasm for life.

I love people, nature and happiness. Always looking for a smile , something to learn and a new adventure. I love emotions and feelings, especially love ‘cause in every shape or form it is what makes people connected.

My greatest passions are traveling, photography and writing and in my daily life I can not miss any of these. That’s why I decided to travel the world and start collecting the best experiences from people I’ve met while traveling and pictures from the most beautiful places.

While searching for inspiration I’ve jumped from a plane in Egypt, hitchhiked across Europe, watched a sunset on a sailboat in the Ocean, and I’ve loved it with all my soul.

But that’s just the beginning. I’ll never stop trying to live my life deeply.

Why Milan?
Once while I was walking not far from Duomo, the cathedral, a pianist caught my attention. He was performing in the street, surrounded by a big crowd. It was unexpected. His music was distracting families, tourists, students and even business people from everyday life. Even if for just few minutes, they forgot about their problems, letting their emotions be free. When possible I went closer to ask him “why are you doing this?”, “Because when something is unexpected it becomes spectacular.” was his answer.

Beyond the concrete there’s always some green.

Milan can surprise, Milan has this magic.

Where can you find me online?

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