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Matteo from Milan

Because I can have it all: from dark clubs to heavenly gardens.

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The shop has an incredible charm, like it’s from the Arabian Nights. African Oriental Craft owes its existence to a young boy, half Italian, who traveled from the distant city of Asmara, Eritrea, to Italy to fulfill his military obligations. After his service he worked for a few months close to Magenta in a match factory where he understood right away this would not lead to great career opportunities. He therefore decided to go abroad, buy small crafts and sell them as a peddler.

Fast forward about 50 years later and he’s filled African Oriental Craft with amazing items. Lamps, handbags, jewelry, masks and musical instruments of all shapes, sizes and colors fill the room, which is also incredibly big.

All craft are mainly of Indian and African origin, made with only natural materials and strictly local. Each piece is chosen personally and carefully. Some of which are now unique and rare.

This is the story that the son and his wife told me with a passion, a passion that certainly is reflected in the store. A place where every space is occupied from something interesting and, actually, also cheap.

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Matteo from Milan

Matteo Banchi photo

Because I can have it all: from dark clubs to heavenly gardens.

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via Federico Confalonieri 34, Milan

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Mon - Sat 10:00 - 19:00


Leather bag: € 10


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