Villa Invernizzi Milan

Image by Matteo Banchi

Villa Invernizzi – Pink flamingos and liberty style

Il Quadrilatero del Silenzio is an area of Milan that I recently discovered, hidden from traffic and the crowd’s noises, where Liberty stile reigns supreme. Villa Invernizzi is suitably located in this area, not far from Corso Venezia, where effectively one of the 2 impressive entrances appear. What has always astonished me is the side on Via dei Cappuccini, with its massive black and golden gate and the beautiful garden.

Taken from a fairy tale, the Mansion was not sufficiently original in the eyes of Cavalier Invernizzi and thus he decided to refresh the atmosphere with a covey of pink flamingos. They spend their quiet lives in the garden of the Mansion, used to keeper’s attention and glances of passersby. Perhaps they’re thinking of their ancestors which I like to imagine came from Africa or Latin America in the 1970’s, as legend says, and never left. They give a bizarre touch of pink to a town so often grey. 

The building is still private, so it’s only possible to take a look from outside the garden. Unless you’re brave enough to go to the doorman’s office and ask politely for a short visit…Maybe he’ll be in a good mood that day!

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Via Cappuccini 7, Milan

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