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Julie Gauthier (1975)

About me
Very curious about new places, ideas and trends. I enjoy meeting new people, share thoughts and culture. I think I can say ‘fascinated about differences’.

I work as a web project manager for Radio-Canada and I’m pretty stimulated by the new projects I work on.
Travels inspire me a lot. I’ve visited a few cities in Europe, lived for half a year in Copenhagen, and practiced my Spanish several times on my trips in Central America.

Why Montreal?
Born in the suburbs of Montreal, I moved to the city in 1995. Since then, I’ve been rediscovering it all the time. Montreal changes so much in a year, from winter to summer, giving it a distinctive character.

This city seethes, so many restaurants and shops of all kind reveal the multi ethnic population and areas such as the Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Haitian, etc.

As long as I can ride my bike, it becomes my favorite means for commuting around the city, and there are more and more riders every year. Though I can’t ride it in winter!

The city seems to party all summer long, one festival after another, and now we enjoy them more and more in wintertime.

I should stop here or I’ll never do it. I have so many things to say and to show about Montreal!

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