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Sinead Wyer (1984)

About me
My friends accuse of me of becoming more Norwegian than the Norwegians themselves. 🙂 Since moving here in 2012, I have swapped the pub for the great outdoors (at least partially) and have fallen for Norway, and Oslo.
I work with hydropower generation so I get to travel to many stunning parts of Norway but am always happy to get back to Oslo, try out a new place or relax at an old favourite.
My running shoes go everywhere I do.

Why Oslo
Oslo is a capital city but in miniature. It has a vibrant restaurant and music scene while at the same time is close to nature. I love that I can go from the office to the cross country skiing tracks and straight to the pub, and all by public transport.
But it’s summer when Oslo really comes to life, both the city and the people. Everyone comes out of hiding and the waterfront explodes with boats, swimmers, people watchers and beautiful people enjoying a beer.

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