Skyspace Oslo

Image by Luka Petric

Skyspace – Fantastic light installation

“We’re part of creating this world in which we live, but we’re unaware of how we do that or even that we do that.” Those are the words of renowned artist James Turrell, author of two fantastic light installations that are placed in Ekebergparken‘s old water reservoir, located under a water mirror in the middle of the forest. Turrell studied psychology before he fully dived into art and his fascination with human perception, sensory experience and the effect of colour are central themes in his artistic opus.

These two site-specific works were created in 2013 and are some of the most unique art experiences I have ever had. It was amazing and humorous to see how light and space can play tricks with our mind, how our mood and feelings can change instantly with the change of colour, and how subjective we really paint the world around us.

Free guided tours are available every Sunday and I suggest you book your spot in advance because of the limited space. Combine your visit with a stroll among sculptures in the park and gourmet lunch at Ekebergrestauranten – and that’s the perfect culture-filled Sunday in Oslo.

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