The Botanical Garden Oslo

Image by Eva Taucar

The Botanical Garden – Magic green hideaway

Situated between Tøyen and Sofienberg, just a 2-minute walk from Tøyen metro station, one can find the most magical park in Oslo – The Botanical Garden. Established in 1814 and administrated by the University of Oslo, it is Norway’s oldest botanical garden, exhibiting more than 5500 different plants from all around the world.

This green area is a fantastic place for both young and old: one can leisurely stroll through different themed gardens and visit several greenhouses, look inside Natural History museum or Klimahuset that are on the premises, or just have a picnic on the grass plain taking the break from city noise.

We parents greatly appreciate the opportunity to entertain our children for free and can use such a unique place for exploration and activity. During the summer months, Botanical Garden is our top choice and we visit it weekly. Viking area, children “activity area” around Klimahuset and numerous trees that are good to climb on are way more fun than anything else Oslo has to offer in the summer heat (ok, ok, the beach is also amazing!). I can safely say that this is my absolute favorite hideaway in Oslo!

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Sars' gate 1, Oslo

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