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Vasilije Krivokapic (1994)

About me
Hello everyone!

My name is Vasilije, and I come from Montenegro. I just graduated, with my major being international relations. I adore travelling and encountering new people. My great passions are languages, music and sports. I am fluent in English and Serbian, as well as proficient enough to hold a conversation in German and French. I seek to work on an European basis, to cooperate with people from all parts of Europe, But before that, I like to promote Montenegro in all its beauty, a marvel that we have to protect.
Hope you will find my spots interesting. 🙂

Why Podgorica
Even though I am originally from Bar, a coastal city just 50 km south of Podgorica, I have a relatively deep understanding of how mysterious the Montenegrin capital is. I spent my student years here, and I have been trying to seek out for as many interesting locations to see ever since.

Unfortunately, because of the heavy bombardment during WWII, the city was destroyed and needed a complete overhaul. Therefore, historical places of interests are a bit harder to find, but if you spend some time walking around the city, you will find hidden gems that will surprise you.

The city has a vibrant night-out scene. Even though there aren’t many of my preferences offered (more electronic and alt rock music), I can still find pleasant and hectic places. I would love it if there were more places with space to dance, but maybe I am too picky. 😀

Podgorica has become a convergence point of Montenegrin people from all parts of the country, and therefore I think that it’s the best because of its people and how they come from all sides.

Where else can you find me online?

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