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Camila Aldrighi (1992)

About me
Hi! I’m a Brazilian that was born in Fortaleza and moved at the age of 8 to Brasilia. Now I’ve been living in Porto since 2016.

I came here to do a Master’s in Graphic Design and the city took all of my heart in a level that is the subject of my thesis. At the same time, I’m a volunteer for animal rights, organize a reading club, write content on my blog (in Portuguese) and do some freelance work in graphic design. Now I’m trying to find my place in the world and help others in the ways that I can.

Since I’m a Libra and my lists are always a little gigantic, I will try to sum up: I love eating well, exploring the world, trying new things, sharing knowledge, exchanging culture, meeting and helping people, learning new things and getting lost – so I can find myself.

Why Porto
Porto is not the city I was born in but it was the first city I lived in without my family. It has been a process of rebirth in which I rediscover myself every day at the same moment that I discover some of the streets and places of the city.

There is no doubt that every city is made by its people but, in Porto, you can feel this almost literally. People here are super kind, lovely, and they help you with everything you need. This city has its own sounds, tastes, colors, textures, smells and experiences.

Like the locals say: Porto is not a city, it’s a feeling. So, let’s feel it together?

Where else can you find me online?

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