Máquinas de Outros Tempos Porto

Image by Camila Aldrighi

Máquinas de Outros Tempos – No, analog is not dead

I really love taking analog photos. Porto is a cinematic city full of characteristic people and traditions that transcend the classic Portuguese image of a clothesline covered with drying laundry. The magic of choosing a moment to capture and not knowing the result kinda forces you to save the moment in your mind because you can’t rely on the representation of it. The process is totally different from digital photography from the beginning to the end. But I’m biased.

Máquinas de Outros Tempos is one of the best places to buy different types of films, lenses, accessories or analog cameras at a good price (I hope you are lucky and the shop is having a film sale). You’ll pay €5 to have pictures developed and digitized. Nice, right? The owner and the staff are always available to help you and if you talk to them they can redirect you to some cameras that will meet your specific demands, so don’t be shy — talk to them!

It was by talking and asking for discounts that I bought my camera and helped my friends to buy theirs. If you buy a camera, ask the shop owner for its case. He’ll probably say that you can search for it in a bunch of sacks and, if you find it, you can keep it. Believe me, you’ll find something if he says that – don’t give up, just keep digging!

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Rua dos Mártires da Liberdade, 154, Porto

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 10:30 - 12:30 & 14:30 - 19:30, Sat 14:30 - 19:30


Develop film: € 5

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