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Tiago Magalhães (1985)

About me
Although my teenage years are long gone, defining myself is still a pretty hard task. Well, I was born and raised in Porto, (arguably) the best city in the world, and I’ve lived here ever since.

My great passions revolve around music, food, arts, video games and sports. Since 2005 I’ve been working as a rock DJ with my brother, and I’ve completed a Masters in Informatics Engineering.

I love attending music festivals and concerts, especially when I’m working as a reporter for a Portuguese music blog. I play football on a regular basis, but I’m far from being Cristiano Ronaldo, and I’m also developing a passion for cooking. Former cat-hater, I now live with two little hellraisers with whiskers.

I only use public transportation and my own two legs to explore the city, so I’m always finding new and exciting places first hand, which is pretty awesome. There are few things more satisfying than the act of discovery.

I’m a fervent fan of FC Porto, and a believer in Jediism. May the Force be with you.

Why Porto?
Porto is far from being a turbulent metropolis, filled with loads of people in the streets and metro stations, huge commercial avenues and it may lack the pompous glamour that certain cities might have. But it has soul, personality, charisma and, above all, excellent food and people. It has an amazing summer, with just the right temperature (not too hot), some good beaches nearby, and some really cute parks to stroll in and picnic at. During the winter, it gets poetically dark and gloomy, with the gray of the granary buildings and streets mixed with the colourful traditional Portuguese houses at the riverside.

I was in my early teens when my big brother started to show me the true beauty of Porto, going from one street to another, from way high in “Cedofeita” and “Boavista” to the lower parts of “Ribeira”. And it was love at first sight.

Porto has all the perks of a small town, but the historical relevance and the necessary services and conditions of a truly European city.

For all that, Porto is the place to be!

Where can you find me online?

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