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Vasco Figueiredo Teles (1977)

About me
I was born in Porto, along with the ’77 vintage wine crop. The city was always like a given fact to me until I went away. I studied abroad (missed the ocean), and worked in Lisbon for some time (almost as abroad).

I love outside life, which sometimes in Porto can be hard when the rainy days seem endless. I travel quite often, mainly for work, but even then I always get at least a few times to go explore a bit. I love travelling, of course. It would be my favourite hobby if I didn’t like photography so much.

I’m married, have a son who was born 2012, 3 dogs, I work in technology planning, and I’m studying for my PhD (I hope I finish one day).

Why Porto?

  • Porto is unique!
  • It’s joyful and full of life during those yellow sunny days, and very introspective and melancholic in the grey, rainy, foggy days.
  • I love its incredible views, the river, the sea, the houses, the narrow streets, the light, the shops, the caffés, the ”tascas”, the people!
  • I love its life, downtown, uptown, or at the sea shore.
  • It’s increasingly active, vibrant, and young.
  • I love its food, its traditional restaurants or the new spots.
  • I love talking about it and to show people around.
  • I love that people love it!
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