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Vasco from Porto

Born in Porto, I love outside life. Porto is unique! It’s increasingly active,...

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Siza Vieira is the most well-known and awarded Portuguese Architect. 1992 Pritzker winner (the “Oscar” of Architecture, says the cliché), born in 1933 in Matosinhos, graduated from the Porto School of Fine Arts in 1955. Porto is his home, apparently with a similar character like Siza himself, the city’s sprinkled with some of his masterpieces.

Serralves, Modern Art Museum (1999), worth the visit not only for its exhibitions, but also (mainly…?) for the building, amazing park, and wonderful original art-deco house. (Free Sunday mornings).

Boa Nova Tea House (1963), national heritage, almost carved into the rock and touching the ocean. Its wooden interiors provide relaxation and comfort. Very recently renovated and has a new restaurant. When I grow up, I want a house like this.

Tide Pool (1966), another national heritage building, joining concrete and natural rock on the beach to create the pool and supporting building. Open during the Summer. Very close to the Tea House.

Faculty of Architecture (1986), with stunning views over the river Douro, where else could Architects-to-be develop their skills better?

Bairro da Bouça (1977), social housing, also on this blog.

Avenida dos Aliados renovation (photo) (2007), the city’s welcome “room”. With Souto Moura (yes, the other Porto’s Pritzker), transforming this central area from an outdated image to a modern and clean but rooted-in-tradition.

Two private houses (Manuel Magalhaes, 1970, and Armanda Passos -painter-, 2005 ), both with the characteristic of opening the space to the garden, while preserving privacy from the street.

…and more about Porto’s architecture can be found here in Archdaily.

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Vasco from Porto

Vasco Figueiredo Teles photo

Born in Porto, I love outside life. Porto is unique! It’s increasingly active,...

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