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Vasco from Porto

Born in Porto, I love outside life. Porto is unique! It’s increasingly active,...

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This small “shopping mall” will surprise you with the originality of its shops, concepts, and products. You won’t find any Zaras or Fnacs there, but author, tailored stores. This shopping mall (“CC – Centro Comercial”, the irony) is located in Miguel Bombarda Street, the central point of the art quarter in Porto.

There you can find a clothing shop with vintage and Author clothes and adornments, a somewhat chaotic shop with lots(!) of traditional handmade Portuguese decoration and apparel, an author jewellery store, a new concept of tea and coffee shopping (I think the owner is Vietnamese), “Man Stuff” with clothing and apparel for men (duh!), a delicious shop with “everything” related to movies and TV, a fine bookshop, a beautiful toy store, and of course a restaurant/café (delicious!), among several others, either permanent or temporary (like during Christmas time).

The one I prefer is Vertigo, that one dedicated to movies: from merchandising, to action-figures, or vintage-like posters, they have everything.

The shop with Portuguese handicrafts is also very nice, and the café has delicious cakes and teas, and fast meals (even though it’s not fast-food, of course!).

There is now a sustainable mini-farm which sells their organic goods, too!

Enjoy the sun in the patio, preferably with a drink and some food!

On some Saturdays all the galleries in the quarter have their exhibitions’ openings. It can be very busy and funny to go, with lots of events and happenings going on. CC Bombarda is the centre. 

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Vasco from Porto

Vasco Figueiredo Teles photo

Born in Porto, I love outside life. Porto is unique! It’s increasingly active,...

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Rua Miguel Bombarda 285, Porto

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 12:00 - 19:00




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