Rua Miguel Bombarda Porto

Image by Nuno Almeida

Rua Miguel Bombarda – Where (he)art beats

Over the years, Rua Miguel Bombarda has emerged as a vital artery, pumping blood from Porto’s (he)art and feeding the surrounding areas with creative fuel.

Contemporary art galleries started opening in the street. Trendy stores and hip bars followed. Suddenly, Miguel Bombarda – a previously ‘forgotten’ street in the Cedofeita area – became relevant, modern and extremely appealing to the young, art-hungry generation.

It was a time of growth for Porto. It evolved as the people started to crave a more vibrant city, sizzling with new talent. Porto became truly European.

Soon after the rise of Miguel Bombarda, the adjacent streets followed. The whole block became Porto’s art center.

Inaugurações Simultâneas (Simultaneous Openings, translated) is an event designed to feed the artistic movement and keep the streets alive. The ground zero is Rua Miguel Bombarda but the event has been spreading further and further into Porto’s downtown. Six times a year, on Saturdays, art galleries simultaneously premiere new exhibits, featuring works that range from sculpture to photography, from illustration to installations – all artistic expressions are welcome and available to be appreciated by the general public. Shops are open during the evening and there’s music and entertainment on the streets. It’s a free cultural day. The event occurs a hand-full of times throughout the year and it’s best to check the official Facebook page (link is below).

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Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto

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24 hours daily



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