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Ivana Pivarníková (1994)

About me
I am a chemical engineering student and besides my excitement for science, technology and learning new things, I am very passionate about travelling and exploring new places and cities. However, what shouldn’t be forgotten is exploring my city as well and, as I am an active and social person, I like to do that as often as possible.

Why Prague
When I was looking for the right university and the city to live in, Prague came out as the best option for both. Even though I couldn’t know what to expect, I was hoping, like every young student, for the best. After all these years, I couldn’t have been more right, and I have realized that it was the perfect decision.

Prague has never become boring for me, and I could have seen it growing in front of my eyes. The longer I live here the more it feels like home and it is because of the little bits that contribute to this feeling – a nice walk in the park, a small cafe at the corner. And the best part of it is that I can show it all to my friends, family and now to you, and make your travels more adventurous.

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