Ambel Cheesecake Prishtina

Image by Linda Baleta

Ambel Cheesecake – A velvety slice

Who doesn’t get an occasional craving for a delectable slice of cake while traveling? All those long hours of exploring on foot, going around cultural sites, taking brisk walks in the park, or trying other outdoorsy activities deserve a nice treat in the end. Prishtina, a city famed for its macchiato, espresso, and cappuccino, offers visitors the perfect opportunity to savour its world-class coffee paired with a freshly made slice of cheesecake. Not so long ago, I discovered the place where they make the absolute best cheesecake in town. It is a tiny cake shop called “Ambel Cheesecake”, which freely translates into English as “Sweet” cheesecake. And indeed, there is a special sweetness in their perfectly made slices of the dessert that the shop takes its name after.

The woman-founder of this small, local business, Besa, has come up with her own recipes and decoration style for her unique cheesecakes. Her recipes dictate that she uses only the highest quality, fresh ingredients for the baked or frozen types of cheesecake. She uses fruit jams or nuts to top the slices.

My all-time favorite is the sour-cherry jam-topped cheesecake. The delectable piece of velvety crust, the fabulous creamy filling, and fruit soaked top layer truly make for a decadent experience for the taste buds. A slice is often not enough, so it’s a good thing they have a shelf full of cake varieties all the time. You can find them on Instagram: ambelcheesecake

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Rr Enver Maloku No. 9, Prishtina

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Mon - Sat 09:00 - 19:00


Cheesecake: € 2.50
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