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Elita Hajrizi

About me
I am someone who loves to play with the balance between tradition and innovation. To fulfill my more futuristic side, I study Computer Science and Engineering, and to feed my traditional soul, I am in constant exploration of stories and cultures from all over the world. Traveling, learning languages, and writing are passions of mine that have always gone hand in hand with my interest in understanding different lifestyles; even my own.

Why Prishtina?
Prishtina is an exciting city, It doesn’t have the typical architectural beauty that draws you in right away, but after spending just one day in it, it begins to reveal to you its vibrant colors. Most people here are young and everyone is incredibly generous, which makes Prishtina feel very alive and open to connections in a way that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. The atmosphere and the way we make the most of the little things is truly special.

Someone once said to me, “Prishtina flows with trends”, and it is such a profound statement because it is so true. I would just like to add, “while its warmth remains constant”. Because you see the latest fashion, music, coffee culture, art, technology development, and whatnot, parade and beautify the streets of Prishtina, and an unchanging warmth on every corner. It is a city that makes me truly experience every second of my life, the bad and the good alike. If allowed, it will change the perspective of anyone who crosses its path.

Where can you find me online?

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