Napoli Prishtina

Image by Vesa Bashota

Napoli – Pizza straight outta heaven

Pizza is pizza. Frozen, cold, with pineapple on it, eaten in Rome or in the streets of Thailand…does it matter as long as it’s pizza?

Well yes, it matters. Because for pizza fanatics like me, pizza is art. And not everyone can make ‘art’. Now that that’s settled, can we move on to THE BEST PIZZA IN TOWN please?

In Prishtina, pizza places are abundant. I’ve tried all of the main pizza restaurants here, and Napoli remains my ultimate favorite. Don’t mistake this Napoli restaurant with another Napoli in Prishtina. I am strictly writing about Napoli located in Bregu i Diellit (Sunny Hill).

I don’t know what secret ingredient makes Napoli’s pizzas so delicious, but who cares as long as pizza tastes like heaven. With various options available, sometimes it can be difficult to choose. If you’re eager to try different things, then say no more. In Napoli you can combine any 2 pizzas into 1 pizza. In this way you get to experiment a bit. Personal favorites: Napoli, Chef, Arugula and Quattro Formaggio.

Note: as it can be seen in the picture above, those are some quite good-looking* pizzas, but they taste even better. The reason why they’re half eaten is because my colleagues couldn’t keep their hands off them before I could snap a quick picture…

*** I am aware that the adjective ‘good-looking’ is primarily used to describe people. But pizza can be better than most people nowadays, so I will use it for pizza. Feel free to disagree…

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Xheladin Rekaliu, Prishtina

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Mon - Sat 09:30 - 23:00, Sun 15:30 - 23:00


Pizza 35cm: € 3.50

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