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MANA Board Game Bar – Old-fashioned fun

Our world is one of incessant information-sharing, sensory overload, and, paradoxically, over-connectedness while remaining isolated. I am mildly intrigued by people who lead virtual lives, those who are immersed in gaming as a way of life. Although these multiplayer phenomena attract hundreds of players from across the globe in a single game, there is no real communication, no connection, and certainly no space to develop social skills.

With my gloomy outlook on the future of human interaction and the ability of youth to talk to each other face to face, I was surprised to learn about Mana, the board game bar. Who would go there? Certainly not the young. “Parlor games” are a distant memory even for my generation, and for those born in the ’90s onwards, they are not even a “thing”.

Well, enter Mana. It stocks an impressive range of board games which is regularly refreshed. The place itself is easy-going, like a friend’s kitchen – familiar, comfortable, with a warm atmosphere. It is child-friendly (although they do have liquor) and a teenager I happen to accost admitted to loving the place — it has become his hang-out. It is definitively an alternative place where you can have a brilliant time with friends as well as family. Refreshments and snacks, all at very reasonable prices, are available, which makes leaving the place difficult.

Quite frankly I was impressed to see “parlor games” attracting so much attention. It is not the latest technology, but certainly a lot of fun.

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Fehmi Agani 50 A/3, Prishtina

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 11:00 - 23:00


Per person: € 2

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