Women Artists, Part 2 Prishtina

Image by Marta K. Gazideda

Women Artists, Part 2 – The ones I love

“Te dalshin brinat” (may you grow horns) is an old saying, not much in use nowadays, aimed at women and girls who stood their ground, who would not be sidelined.

I had all but forgotten the saying until I saw a wonderful painting by someone who became one of my favourite artists, Fitore Berisha. I’d known Fitore from before and we had a cordial rapport; I knew she moved to Iceland and that she dived into art with all her being.

Sometime in 2016 I saw one of Fitore’s FB post – the mesmerizing image of an imaginary woman, with a strong yet soft face, in greyish-green tones. The most bewitching aspect of the painting were the horns! Why the horns? In a subsequent discussion with Fitore, I understood the concept. It was not about women as obstinate individuals, rather, it was about women who endure, and survive, trials and tribulations, about women with inner strength to keep on going.

While this painting is not in public display, one can see Fitore’s brilliant art in “Kafja e Vogel”. There, you have a mural of three exquisite women. The best time to admire these beauties is at night. While everything around them is subdued, they come to life due to the spotlights that highlight the striking features.

As for me, every morning I am reminded that there are women and girls who have to deal with much more than I have to. And every morning I salute their strength and dignity.

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