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Zaiga Brača (1983)

About me
I have been working in nature NGO’s for 10 years. Been involved in many nature restoration projects, but my biggest challenge was leading a waste paper collection project in 400 Latvian schools. We saved lots of trees!

I like to do many things and my only problem is the lack of time to do everything I want, because I like to sleep too :D.
I am so different, same as Riga. Meeting old friends and making new ones, meet strangers and spending time talking with them is what I like. At same time I like to be totally alone in the city, walk around in city or nature, sit in a park with a book or just to the cinema or an exhibition on my own. It is about me too. With other people or without them, I’ve always found a way to entertain myself.

Why Riga?
There is a legend about the devil who lives in Daugava and wants to drown Riga. He comes every year and asks – “Is Riga ready (finished)?” and you should answer “No!”, because if you say “Yes” it will sink into the Daugava.

That is why I love my city – it is never finished, it is changing, developing and dynamic. And it is so different – from Old town to the Art Nouveau district, from wooden houses in Pārdaugava and “Maskačka” to Soviet buildings in “sleeping” districts.

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