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Irina Bulat

About me
I love Rotterdam! I have been an active member of Couchsurfing for 10 years so the passion for sharing local insider knowledge about the cities that are my home is very alive in me. I have a blog where I write about my experience as an expat in The Netherlands, I organise events to create connection within communities. I know all the nice events that someone coming to Rotterdam should not miss. I also like to explore less popular areas of the city and make them more visible to travellers. I regularly show the city to friends visiting. Whenever I go into the city, I try to see it with the eyes of a newcomer, and fresh images never cease to come to my attention.

Why Rotterdam
It’s spacious, there’s always a wide selection of events to choose from, there’s no center, so you can name any area of the city your center. It’s great for meeting people from everywhere. You can try any cuisine from the world you’re curious about. My friends live here.

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