Brasserie Tines – Hidden gem in Noord

Brasserie Tines Rotterdam

Image by Irina Bulat

Brasserie Tines – Hidden gem in Noord

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Irina from Rotterdam

I know all the nice events that someone coming to Rotterdam should not miss. I j...

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Brasserie Tines is hidden in Rotterdam Noord and you don’t really stand a chance to stumble upon it unless you’re a local, like me. Or you can finish reading this article (don’t jump straight to the address) and I’ll guide you there.

First impression: lively atmosphere, efficient service, high quality of food.

You will get your ingredients to make the guacamole that goes with your nachos and it won’t feel like hard work, you will love it, because what you make with your own (clean) hands tastes twice as tasty.

The menu is sprinkled with wines from South Africa, France, Chile, Italy, Spain and even Hungary.

The choice of dishes is varied: there are options for meat lovers, vegetarians and spoiled gourmands, like me. I choose the Rose Lemonade and the tabouleh salad, to honour the salad that made me come back to this place after the first visit/taste. There’s also plenty to choose from if you’re here just for a snack, I recommend the homemade tacos. Flammkuchen is the option to go to for an easy-going plan.

It seems it’s dog-friendly because there’s a chihuahua trying to turn me into her playmate, but I’m writing, so I have the perfect excuse not to concur.

There’s a pleasant chatter surrounding me and everyone looks happy with the way they are served.

If you decide to spend the evening on this terrace, there’s heaters and blankets ready to keep you warm and cozy. Tea from Simon Levelt will complement the conversation.

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Irina from Rotterdam

Irina Bulat photo

I know all the nice events that someone coming to Rotterdam should not miss. I j...

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Details about this spot



Bergselaan 231A, Rotterdam

Telephone number


Opening Times

11:00 - 23:00 daily


Lemonade, salad: € 15


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