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Nadine Johnson (1969)

About me
Some of my most vivid memories are quintessentially San Franciscan. Learning how to roller-skate down the Hayes Street hill, and eventually learning how to brake. My first fight with Mom was because she wouldn’t let me see the Sex Pistols at Winterland. Getting to the public library by navigating my way through a sea of Dead Heads in front of what’s now the Bill Graham Auditorium. Nearly falling off the Golden Gate Bridge while biking across too fast on a very wet and foggy morning.

My city has a both a buzz and a hum. That’s me too. A little intensity is great when balanced with calm and temperate exterior. No matter where I’ve traveled or lived in the world, I always come back home. 49 square miles is all I need.

Why San Francisco?
San Francisco has always been a vibrant and dynamic city. There’s no chance for stagnation. From the hippies in the 60’s to the punks of the 80’s to the techies today, there’s always something about this little city on a peninsula that attracts the best and most notorious people from all around the world.

I think native San Franciscans love travel and adventure because we’re inspired by the amazing people we meet right here at home. I enjoy sharing everything about the city.

Where can you find me online?
No Yoga, No Peace

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