Graffiti Murals San Francisco

Image by Kathleen Messmer

Graffiti Murals – Unbelievable

If you’re ever walking near the Steiner end of Haight Street, stop and have a look at the amazing mural art across the street from Amoeba Music and next door to a skate shop. The artists who create this art are talented beyond anything I can even imagine, especially since the extent of my own art is stick people. To be able to wield a can of spray paint and create such masterpieces is mind-boggling. Currently, there are several pieces of local art in this immediate area that you need to see to believe.  

In the alley next to Amoeba Music, both sides of the alley contain graffiti that is gorgeous on its own. However, what really caught my eye was directly across the street – a mural of a black jaguar (aka panther) walking straight out of the picture toward whoever is looking at it. It’s beautiful – sleek, dangerous, imposing, scary, and exquisitely breathtaking. It’s difficult to walk away from it.  It makes you just want to stand and stare.  

Up the block a bit, there’s another mural that says simply, “Listen to This Wall”. Weird by itself, but right next to it are multiple depictions of famous musicians doing their thing. Incredible.  

Take a walk. You will be blown away.

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