Presidio Pet Cemetery San Francisco

Image by Brooke Ekdahl

Presidio Pet Cemetery – Military pets live on

I never was one to visit any type of cemetery, as it has a sad connotation and makes one think of what they no longer have. However, I had a change of opinion when I discovered that there was a pet cemetery in The Presidio. I had always heard about it. It almost seemed like you had to just “know” where it was.

I was pleasantly surprised to find it tucked directly under the freeway approach to the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s about a ½ acre and has countless pet hedge stones inside. The cemetery is enclosed by a weathered white picket fence. Something out of a movie, really. It’s like time has forgotten about this little cemetery plot. Upon inspecting each aged marker, I found the many playful names of the animals who belonged to various military officials who lived in the Presidio while it was an active Army base. Names like Smoochy, Cleo, Tabby, Champagne, and countless others. The names really made you feel a sense of family and what these pets must have offered their hardworking owners. I can only imagine that the companionship of these pets made life a little easier for these often nomadic military families. It was touching to sense while walking around.

I could even sense my imagination hearing the spirit sounds of cats meowing, dogs barking, and a macaw cawing, as if to say, “thank you for visiting us.” Please go visit this eclectic piece of Presidio history.

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