The Spire San Francisco

Image by Brooke Ekdahl

The Spire – The Presidio’s natural skyscraper

If you find yourself in The Presidio, you’re in for a treat! To locals this location may be deemed as the wilderness of San Francisco. The Presidio is a National Park and former Military base. This bit of history may not even be known to the many locals who use it recreationally.

I’ve lived just outside the Presidio for 12 years and have worked in it for almost 10. This park’s beauty has lured me in the most natural way possible.

One of the many reasons for this is I thoroughly enjoy the art installations by Andy Goldsworthy. The first one I ever laid eyes on was The Spire. It stands strong and mighty looking back at the cityscape of San Francisco. It seems to offer its own identity as a natural skyscraper. When I first laid eyes on it, I was in total wonder. It reminded me of a nostalgic children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. I half expected to see little creatures come out of the woodwork to investigate my presence and if I was a threat to the Spire.

That sort of feeling is evoked if you visit this site-specific art installation. Please do yourself a favor art fans and look up Andy Goldsworthy. His style is playful, sometimes interactive, and has such wonderful underlying and evocative meanings that make you rethink art and imagination. I also love how locals have created similar wood structures mimicking Goldsworthy throughout the park. It’s inspiring!

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