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Munya Souaiaia (1986)

About me
I was born in North Africa and grew up in Seattle before I moved to New York and Paris for my studies. Seattle wooed me back in 2010 and it’s been my home since.

When I’m not trying to rediscover my own city, I can be found getting lost somewhere around the world. My most recent trip included a visit to Istanbul, Lisbon, the Canary Islands, the Costa Brava, Paris, and Malta. I work to travel and my ”next trip” is always in the works.

I enjoy playing the piano in my spare time and count Chopin and Debussy among my favorite composers to play. Despite coming from the city of java, I’ve been drinking black tea daily since the age of six.

Finally, I love to cook and entertain for friends and often throw lavish dinner parties for no special occasion.

Why Seattle?
It’s easy to take the beauty of Seattle for granted. I love that it’s a sizeable city with all of the luxuries that come with that (top-notch restaurants, research universities, and a strong art and music scene) but it also has numerous escapes for nature. The water, mountains, and fresh seafood keep me going, even during the grey months.

I love that on the first 60 degree day in March, everyone wears shorts. We may be known for rain but as the locals know, Seattle summers are our best kept secret. I like to think that because of the constant drizzle we have to deal with during the rest of the year, we appreciate summer unlike any other part of the country. With summer sunsets not until 22:00, we stay out all day and night, soaking in every minute of sunshine.

Where can you find me online?
Wandering Voyager (personal blog)

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