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Vidhi Bhagdev (1987)

About me
I have been living in Seattle for the last 5 years and now I officially call it my home. For the most part I grew up in one of the metropolitan cities in India called Ahmedabad. After spending 21 years of my life there I moved to southern California and lived there for 2.5 years.

I work in the tech industry as a programmer. In my free time I like to travel, explore hidden spots in the city, try different restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Due to my passion for food, drinks, and outgoing personality I always take the time to try various cuisine and drink places. I am also an experimental cook at times.

I have travelled to Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Dubai, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Croatia and also many parts within the United States. Due to my background in the tech industry and passion for travel and food I always think about many ways to empower the travel experience with the latest technology.

I am also an avid biker during the summer and this year I biked from Seattle to Portland. I am currently training to ride from Seattle to Vancouver for an upcoming event next year.

Why Seattle?
There are many reasons why I slowly fell in love with this city. The biggest one is that it’s a relatively younger city, which means it’s a big city but still affordable. I can see this city growing while I am here. There are places to hang out popping up pretty much every day. So far I have never had the feeling that I had seen enough of the city. There is always something new to see and something different to try.

The city has lot of beautiful outdoor places within 1-2 hours distance. By far the best summer I have seen is always in Seattle. Perfectly warm weather and you don’t need AC at all throughout the year. It’s also getting more diverse with lots of people moving here.

Before moving to Seattle I briefly visited the city back in 2011 and within one day of checking it out the city had made me fall in love with it. On that very day I could see that this place could be my next home.

Where can you find me online?

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