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Boyko Blagoev (1986)

About me
Born and raised in the old city center of Sofia, I have lived here almost all my life. A Bachelor’s in International Relations and an LL.M. in EU Law by education, a dreamer by vocation. Diversity is one of the key ingredients of my life. I always try to learn, see, sample, and do different things so that no single day of mine is dull. Currently, I am working as Head of Communications at the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria. I am one of the co-founders of 365 Association which organizes the free English-language sightseeing walking tours of Sofia (Free Sofia Tour), and Plovdiv (Free Plovdiv Tour) as well as specialized tours such as communist and culture. I am also a member of the Tuk-Tam Association which brings together foreign-educated Bulgarians.

Among my hobbies, I count my extensive collection of quotations and sports. I have been skiing since I was a kid and I am also part of the Bulgarian Triathlon Association, trying to juggle 3 disciplines on a daily basis. I have worked as an office coordinator, international news reporter, freelance translator, and business consultant. A true fan of good food, good drink, good friends, and good times. You should know that I could probably understand if you talk BS behind my back in Spanish or French.

Why Sofia?
I spent almost two years abroad working and studying. A traineeship in Brussels was followed by a Master’s degree in the Dutch city of Tilburg and a summer school in the Czech capital. It’s probably only after coming back to Sofia that my love story with the city started. I was missing terribly the mountain in the background, for example. But it was not just the nostalgia kicking in. I came to appreciate everything about my home city – its little flaws turned into its charm. Sofia is a very ancient city. Lots of peoples, tribes, and empires have left their mark here and you can feel these influences almost everywhere – architecture, culture, mentality, and even cuisine. Besides its rich past, I believe the city also has a very very rich present and hopefully future.

The city is getting more and more cosmopolitan. It’s more and more lively when it comes to culture, places to go out, people, etc. It is probably home and a place of work for at least 2 million people, including lots of expats who add even more flavor to it. Although the city is constantly expanding, it still manages to keep the charm of a much smaller place.

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