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Simo Stefanov (1990)

About me
So here’s a brief guide of what we need to mix up:
1. piston – from the motorcycle roar burning through my veins;
2. capacitor – take it from my microelectronics engineer degree;
3. turf – should be on the soles of my football boots;
4. vodka bottle cap – rolling somewhere on the floor of the disco we went to last night;
5. pine needle – plenty of them if you take a walk at Vitosha mountain;
6. sand – in my pockets still full from Sozopol’s beach;
7. guitar string – from the hardcore bands that I headbang to;
8. piece of paper – fell off from some random thought of mine;
9. one spoon of pure awesomeness;
10. droplet of a breath of life;

All this plus 21 grams of me and you’ll get a straight up Simo.

Why Sofia?
Because I am the streets, the lungs of dusty old walls, the beating heart of murmuring locals and the soul of the smoky valley between the great mountains Vitosha and Stara planina.

Because I was born, raised, gone through every day of it and am still finding and enjoying unexplored love within its old pavements.

Because when you are part of the crew, you are not just part of the ship, but Of it.

Where can you find me online?

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