Laser Park Sofia


Laser Park – Laser Tag skirmish for young and adult

I reckon many of you (not necessarily only the men) wish they could live like the popular “How I met your mother” character Barney Stinson every now and then.

If not for anything else, at least you can bust 12-year-olds’ socks at this Laser tag arena.

Jokes aside, it’s definitely not a childish game as it holds great fun even for adults. If you follow the safety tips and thus don’t come out injured, at the end it is a really healthy experience for the Star Wars fan kid within you. It’s good if the teams have at least four people each, and if there are more people there can be up to four teams.

Laser Park is part of Play park on the third floor of Bulgaria Mall, which offers fun for the whole family, as you can also find a baby park, kid’s entertaining park and different electronic game machines.

So suit up and get out the laser gun.

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Details about this spot



69 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia

Telephone number


Opening Times

10:00 - 22:00 daily


Game: BGN 8


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