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Yana Alexieva (1989)

About me
Hi, I’m Yana!

… and what I really enjoy in life are the details, those small things that make us smile and fill up with genuine happiness! Noticing those moments every day is an art which I aspire to master, and I believe I am getting better and better every day!

Film, literature and arts in general make the moments of joy in my life more frequent, that’s why I have chosen to professionally engage in them. Discovering new cultures, learning new languages and exploring the things I think I already know well (but I usually don’t) such as my city – wonderful Sofia, my fantastic country – Bulgaria, and my language occupy most of my free time. Reading, going to the movies, camping, going to gigs, playing board games, drinking beers with friends in the park – those are the activities which make my life colorful and vivid. I’d love to share with you the places I find while wondering around, so that you can also experience the excitement from those little perfect moments!

Why Sofia
Sofia is old, but getting modern; Sofia is grey from its many buildings, but also green from its numerous trees; Sofia is hectic and temperamental, but at the same time small and cozy; Sofia is low down in the valley, but looks up to a beautiful mountain; Sofia keeps the history of Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, of World War II bombs, of communist governments… Sofia is a mixture of everything and anything. And I love finding its hidden stories, its small quiet streets with old statues on the house facades, its underground music scenes and secret bars, all of which complement its long and diverse history. I love breathing together with my city and getting carried with the waves of its unique subcultures.

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