Chitalnyata Sofia

Image by Simo Stefanov

Chitalnyata – Midst-garden script

Just a tourist informational post. Only not exactly.

This is one of Sofia Municipality’s official Tourist information points, but thanks to the fellas from Association of urban reading rooms it has a pinch of some magic spice added.

And this magic comes from the books which already overflow Chitalnyata (“The Reading room”). It looks like some sort of free library, as the idea is to leave behind at least one book of yours and then get a ‘reading card’ so you can take a book at home, if you will, with no strings attached.

So far, there are only books in Bulgarian, but you can just bring your own reading and park yourself there using the relaxing atmosphere. Surely one could quench a few hours or more digging in his book lying on the friendly barbaron couch upstairs.

Also, many maps, leaflets and flyers about local music, theater and sightseeing events can be found on the front shelves – exactly what you need to know! The person in charge knows the rest about the art life around and would gladly give you an insight on it.

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City Garden, Sofia

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10:00 - 20:00 daily




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