Skaptobara Sofia

Image by Simo Stefanov

Skaptobara – Skaptofun

I remember this place from my schooldays, when it was nothing like it is now. It has changed owners and appearance plenty of times, once it even burned down to the ground. It was rebuilt to what later became Skaptobara.

Skaptobara emerged from of a kick-starter fundraiser campaign, which apparently turned out sufficiently, by fellows from the American University in Bulgaria.

So things shaped up well and from AUBG’s alumni’s ‘hub’ idea Skaptobara developed to what’s now an overcrowded after-work shine-up. It has a summer garden in front, bar tables and couches inside, but what I like best is the upstairs mansard-like second floor. Its low-roof, dwarf-tables and fluffy carpet environment always makes me want to take off my shoes and sit like a child. But, there is no doubt I am an adult so I sit like a man, err, of course..

Skaptobara offers many beers, cocktails and stuff, and are proud owners of super special tasty burgers like their’s King of Burgers 2015 award suggests. It became so renowned that they recently introduced a separate food spot called Skaptoburger, but that would be another topic…

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Details about this spot



11-A Iskar Str., Sofia

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Opening Times

10:00 - 00:00 daily


Beer: BGN 5


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