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Eduard Kärstna (1998)

About me
I study business in the university and work part-time as a courier. Really passionate about driving and everything connected to it, I feel free while doing it. I really enjoy travelling and exploring new places, it broadens the mind and the soul. Moreover, I have started reading and watching more about urbanism and town planning, I think it is really important that our cities be fair and convenient for everyone.

Why Tallinn
I love my city because it is really diverse and very successfully coexists with nature. Architecture from different ages is really well preserved and therefore the town is interesting to explore—it has a lot to tell. Medieval architecture fits very well with modern skyscrapers, Estonian traditional architecture from the 19th-20th centuries and with the Soviet heritage. In addition, the town is quite compact, but it can basically offer everything megalopolises with multimillion populations can. The town has been developing very fast during the last decades and I am really proud to be the part of it.

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