Hankook Korean Restaurant Tallinn

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Hankook Korean Restaurant – pan of joy

Hankook Korean restaurant is at a very local area of central market. You can come for some post-Soviet Union exotics as well as to get fresh produce. I used to come here often with my father but since I live a bit far from it now, I do not vistit it a lot. But coming here for food brings a lot of nostalgic memories. I still recommend it if you are in the area to buy local vegetables, meats and cheeses.

The restaurant itself has a few tables and is packed during the lunch hour rush. So if you want to get a hearty meal, come around 11 am, right when they open. Lunch comes with a free drink.

Share the food with your friends. Do not be afraid to mix everything together: take a bibimbob and dip your spoon in a hearty gukbob after. Or try some seasoned chicken and jeyuk bokkeum. Do not be afraid of the Korean names, there is English translation of the ingredients on the menu. There are around 10 items on the menu, so come with a huge company and try everything at once.

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Details about this spot



Lastekodu 12, Tallinn

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 11.00 - 18.00, Sat 11.00 - 16.00


Pork bulgogi: € 7

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