Kalevankangas Cemetery Tampere

Image by Tiia Välkki

Kalevankangas Cemetery – Calming views

A special choice for one of my favorite places, I know, but as you experience this you will understand my choice (hopefully).

The largest cemetery of Tampere is Kalevankangas Cemetery. It is also a venue for historical events, so not just an ordinary cemetery. It was also a war zone, which can be noticed from older tombstones. It’s long but narrow, and at the other end there is a lookout point with stunning views over Nekala and Viinikka. There is also the anti-aircraft monument of the recent war on top of the hill.

I feel that there is peace, respect and safety in Kalevankangas cemetery. I like to walk in the corridors of the cemetery and explore the tombstones (with respect) and of course admire the scenery from the lookout point.

At the end of my tour, I leave a candle on the memorial site on the side of the church to commemorate those buried elsewhere.

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Hautausmaankatu 5, Tampere

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24 hours daily


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