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Jenny Huttinga (1969)

About me
Although I grew up in a small village, I’ve always been a ‘city person’. I just love the feeling that there is always something going on, just around the corner. I’ve lived in the city of The Hague for just over twenty years now.

My perfect day? Leave for work on foot, meet on the way for a coffee with friends, plan a lunch date and end the day meeting my loved ones on a terrace near the canal where I live. I work in communications, and even in my spare time I love to write. My favourite subject: new places I discovered and that I can’t wait to share!

Why The Hague
The Hague is all you could wish for in a city, plus a fantastic bonus: 10 kilometers of sandy beach! I live on one of the canals in The Hague, in between the city center and the trendiest neighbourhood in the city: the Zeeheldenkwartier. The Hague calls itself the international city of justice and peace. I have neighbours from Canada, Greece, Australia and the United Kingdom. The 50,000 expats that live in The Hague give the city an international vibe. You can literally travel the world when you walk across the city center.

The Hague is a city of extremes in every way you can imagine. It’s both busy and calm, a village and a metropolis, mainstream and edgy, classic and modern. I couldn’t live anywhere else!

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