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Marinela Gogo (1994)

About me
Hey it’s me: an extroverted introvert, a “popular loner” that loves everyday life but can’t handle routine. I enjoy the tasty part of life, the drunk one-eye-opened mornings, making new friends while giving priority to the old and gold ones, capturing the moments, finding places I’ve never been to before and trying things I’ve never tried.

I have a job and I spend most of the day at work: I volunteer and contribute to some open source projects, but I’m always in time to have a lot of fun.

In a few words I’m a very modest extraordinary Sagittarius.

P.S. I’m funny usually but you got me in a philosophical mood today. 😉

Why Tirana?
…born in Gjirokastra – the city of rocks, raised in Saranda – the seaside paradise and fell in love with Tirana – the city of ‘I don’t know why I like it, but I do love it’.

I guess this is the meaning of unconditional love: having everything that others would kill for, but wanting what you want.

I moved to Tirana 2012 and even though I miss my hometown so much only some hot summer weeks are able to convince me to go back there. The messy lifestyle of Tirana and the challenges, the people, the idea of how this place is and how it can become: that’s what is keeping me here.

Where else can you find me online?

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