Descendant Pizza – Motown pizza rocks!

Descendant Pizza Toronto

Image by Jeffrey Wood

Descendant Pizza – Motown pizza rocks!

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Jeffrey from Toronto

Cyclist in the morning. Ad guy by the afternoon. Life is good. So is ice cream.

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Toronto offers an excellent sampling of various pizza styles:

> Neapolitan thin crust of Pizzeria Libretto and Queen Margherita
> Turkish toppings on a flat bread crust at Pizza Pide
> Chicago deep-dish at Double Ds.

But for me, the most deserving to inherit the champion’s title is Descendant Detroit Style Pizza on Queen Street East.

What’s Detroit-style pizza? This thick pie is served with a rectangular crust that is baked (sometimes twice) in a well-oiled pan to give it a chewy awesomeness.

Some people call it an “Industrial” style of pizza, and Descendant carries this theme through its décor. Surrounding the small dining area and window bar is a rough swash of grey textured paint, atop floral wallpaper. A few frames of graffiti art and a tin-plated ceiling complete the urban look.

Various flavours of pepperoni or sausage are featured on many of the pizzas, while the Electric Avenue has a Jamaican leaning using jerk chicken. Vegetarians will love the mango chutney, cilantro cream and coconut cream on the Jaffna.

Many craft beers, cider, and wine are available to wash down all the baked goodness.

Be warned though: get your motor running early and head down to this Motor City-inspired parlour before they run out of ingredients and close for the night.

What’s Spot On:
• Sampling two items is best, but even one small pizza will send most couples home happy.
• Optional hit of Mike’s Hot Honey sauce

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Jeffrey from Toronto

Jeffrey Wood photo

Cyclist in the morning. Ad guy by the afternoon. Life is good. So is ice cream.

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Queen Street East 1168, Toronto

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Opening Times

Tue - Sun 11:30 - 20:00


Small pizza: C$ 22


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